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Somewhere on your list of things to do there is at least one item that keeps haunting you.  You know that it will feel great to get it off the list.

It hovers in the back of your mind, popping up like a jack-in-the-box every so often.  When it does, you spend time thinking about:

  • why you haven’t done it
  • why you should do it
  • several other things you need to do before you can get to it
  • what the fall out will be if you don’t get to it

All this takes up energy…usually more than actually completing the item when you add up all the times you revisit this conversation.  Make today a different day.  Instead of feeling like you should do it, instead of having the not doing drag your energy down, instead of seeing it as a should or a have to, simply choose to do it.  You’ve already had enough internal dialogue with yourself over this thing.  You know if you complete that one phone call or presentation, you will have a whole different experience of your day.

Never mind what has stopped you in the past.  Don’t try to analyze why you’ve procrastinated.  Experiment with a new approach and simply choose to complete that one thing before taking on any other to dos, tasks or goals.  Then notice what shifts when you set aside all the chatter and do the action.  If you get stuck, ask yourself what qualities or characteristics do you need to draw on to make it happen.  Set aside the inner critic and be unstoppable, bold, inspired, on purpose, excited, a winner, someone who is being of service…whatever moves you to get into action and get out of the old conversations.  It’s just one thing on this first business day of the year…start it off empowered.

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