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3 Tips for Finding Peace of Mind in Tumultuous Times

As a trained, experienced coach who helps clients navigate some of life’s greatest challenges with more peace and ease, it makes sense that I’d be getting inquiries about how to stay present in times of turmoil.

We may not be able to control the chaos outside of ourselves, but we can use mindfulness and awareness to create more calm within. During times of great change, we need to invest more time than usual to stay grounded, focused, and productive. Here are three tips for creating inner peace in the face of outer turmoil:

Be Vigilant

Consider the source…the source of your information, the source of your support, the source of your thoughts. You may choose to be informed by listening to the news. Just notice if it is educating you with helpful information or creating fear and stress for you. Consider shutting it off several hours before you go to sleep so you have time to move into a less stimulated mindset. Notice who you are spending time with and whether this is adding to stress, fear, or anger or helping you be more at peace.

Be Kind

Practice kindness with yourself and others. This is a time of great change and many people find change to be stressful. If you want to make a difference, share a smile, do something thoughtful for someone else, speak softly and gently to someone who is feeling hurt and attacked. And don’t forget you…take a breath, make more time for short breaks to connect to your heart, reach out for support if you feeling overwhelmed.

Be Peace

Spend time each day – even if it is just five minutes at the beginning and end of each day – to focus on amplifying love and peace in the world. Close your eyes and visualize what peace looks like to you. Send loving thoughts to those in pain and wrap yourself in a virtual hug.

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