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Human beings tend to live in a paradox when it comes to change. So often we hear others or ourselves say that we are afraid of it. Many of us are taught at a young age to make choices in our lives that will give us security. We go to school, get a degree, choose a life partner all in order to build a safe and secure future.

Yet even those transitions, from high school to university grad, from student to professional, from single to being in a committed relationship, buying a home, having children ~ each of those steps toward “security” involve change. Every one of these moments represents a crossroads we must navigate.  Life IS change.

Consider this…if roller coasters were built straight and flat on one level with no twists or turns, no vertical climbs and falls, they would not be exciting. If we knew as a child who our life partner would be, the process of finally meeting that person would not be exciting.  If we could see what was around the next corner, would we even bother to go outside?

At times, fear can be our friend. Its role is to keep us safe. Healthy fear keeps us from getting too close to the edge of a tall building. It reminds us to plan for a rainy day.  But when fear of change keeps us from taking the risks involved with pursuing our dreams, trying something new or meeting someone new, it becomes a thief who steals opportunities and unforgettable moments. When fear turns into panic, it paralyzes us and in that instant, life becomes hard, confusing and we can feel very alone.

Given that change in life is inevitable and unavoidable, how can we transform fear of change into excitement? What would our lives look like if we looked at change as a welcome catalyst for growth? What if somehow we could find opportunity in every change? Check tomorrow’s blog for more about moving beyond the fear of change toward more inspired living.

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