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Terrible things happen. Great things happen. Life happens. Change occurs. That is simply the nature of the experience we are having. Sometimes, by the very nature of events we label as ‘good’, going through the experience can seem easier. Any change leads to a shedding of the old and step into something new. Mostly, this is easy to balance when you are excited about the new thing. This gives us energy and something positive to focus on as we adapt and grow.

It is the ‘terrible’ things that happen that seem to trip us up more easily and send us spiraling into darkness and sadness. It is a measure of our consciousness to be able to embrace the feelings of loss during these times while still being able to move forward in life.

When we lose ourselves in our grief, we compound the impact of the loss we are grieving. But how do we find our way out of the darkness when we’re overcome by it? How do we transform grief into an opportunity to transform ourselves and grow through it, not just go through it?

Change is a process. It can be broken down into steps. Steps can be organized into a plan. Acting on the plan moves us forward. Moving forward into becoming someone more than our grief, someone different because of our grief – someone who finds purpose and takes actions to make their own life and the lives of others better.

The six year journey back from the darkest moment of my life led me to understand and map out a process for transforming grief while still honoring the loss. You can find your way through grief on your own, as I did…or you can join my online Daily Om course where you’ll have access to tools, resources, and strategies for working through your loss while creating a different life aligned with who you are now.

I invite you to sign up today and meet me where loss can lead to possibility and opportunity. Come grow with me! Click here to learn more and register.

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