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In Beauty & Beyond, we heard Dr. Corinna Murray’s amazing story of coming out the other side of her treatment for breast cancer.  Today we explore the what’s next she has created for herself.

What do you feel has helped you to approach this whole experience with so much of the energy of thriving?

I have been a scrapper throughout my life, trying hard and sometimes…often…too hard.  I usually got what I wanted, eventually that is.  But it was not always what I thought it should look and feel like. To be honest, I did not know “what I was meant to do” but I knew I had potential and determination.

When you came to me for coaching, you wanted to really look at what was next for you in the area of your career. 

I knew I wanted to remain in the Veterinary Medical field but I also knew I did not want to simply return to routine general practice. My coaching sessions helped me, in a very short period of time to determine my new direction.  Modeled after my experiences with Breast Care Navigator Nurses (who were a godsend during my initial phases of dealing with my diagnosis), my own clients and my disabled daughter, I’m creating a whole new specialty in the arena of veterinary care.

What other actions or experiences have you focused on post-treatment that contribute to you living such a full life?

I reconnected with yoga this summer before my reconstruction surgery and picked it back up a month after. I dove full bore back into it and it is definitely a big part of my life.  I’m thrilled about that as it is more in sync with who I am.

What has surprised you most in all of this?

How easy it is…that it was there all the time.  This appreciation, sense of gratitude, love and focus and grace.  It is a choice.  I feel like I made a choice about how I wanted go through this journey.   By deciding and designing my path to healing and bringing consciousness to this experience I was able to, I feel, move through it with more ease and peace than if I’d instead stayed stuck in the fear and overwhelm that is often the initial response to getting the news that you have cancer.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Being as authentic as I can be has helped me really attract and appreciate the fabulous people in my life…and I seem to be attracting more of them all the time.  It’s one of several surprising outcomes to this experience and something for which I am very grateful.

Thank you to Dr. Corinna Murray for sharing her story and for the inspiration she is for others.  It was an honor to work with Corinna as a client and to be a part of her transformation.


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