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Mindfulness…like the waves coming up on the shore, it comes and it goes. Unlike the waves, where the ins and outs are controlled by the tides and forces much larger than we are, our mindfulness is something we have much more say in.

For years, I was frustrated by “knowing better” but still easily sinking into darker places like perfectionism, self-judgment, self-doubt, and fear. I am human, so I have my moments…but these days, I am excited to say that I live, for the most part, in a state of fearless and I have absolutely created the most perfect, imperfect life for me.

Now, after years of personal development, training in hypnotherapy, high performance coaching, meditation, and more, I’ve finally done it. I spend more waking hours in a state of mindfulness than not. The great news is, I can save you a lot of time and effort in two ways.

#1 – If I can do it, so can you. Dispel any doubt that there is something special about others that give them an advantage. You have just as much ability to control your mindset as anyone else.

#2 – After immersing myself in a wide range of self-awareness processes and approaches, I’ve learned that the simple tools are the best ones and I am passing them onto you.

Here are my 3 Easy Tools to get you started…

1. Use the Top 3 Things strategy to stay focused and productive in your day. It’s not a new concept but it works very well for most people. Identify 3 tasks that are your top priorities to complete in your day and then work on them one by one until they are complete. Only then do you go to other tasks on your list. While you can’t always keep from answering a call or an email, the more you can stick to this, the more you will stay present, focused, and in high productivity mode.

2. Schedule periodic self-checks throughout your day. For the first while, put them in your calendar as a reminder, if need be or set up automated text messages for yourself. Use something like ‘fully present and focused?’

3. End of day inventory. Each evening, be curious about your day. Are you happy with the kind of communications you had with others? Were you able to observe yourself and make course corrections as needed instead of judging yourself? Did you go through your day, no matter how challenging, with a sense of lightness or as if you were carrying the world on your shoulders? How well were you able to weave in healthy lifestyle habits such as giving your eyes and mind a break from the computer, staying hydrated, making nutritional eating choices, and mixing in a bit of fun? What did you do well and what you would you like to improve for your day tomorrow?

These 3 Tools give you an easy way to begin to be more mindful in your day and your life. Ultimately, the bigger question and the goal to work toward is creating a life where, in every moment, you are living by choice in alignment with your goals, values, and priorities. Don’t think that’s possible? I’m here to say that it absolutely is and I’m living proof.

I no longer do meetings, projects, or activities that do not 100% align with how I want to be spending my precious moments each day…and the more I live by this golden rule, the more the life I imagined years ago comes into being. Now that is something worth investing in…creating a life by design, not default. THAT is high performance living and being!

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