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Recently, I had the honor of being iPEC’s Coach of the Week, a great series sponsored by the coaching school where I was trained. It is a wonderful way to help people understand how coaching works. The series also shows the wide range of ways coaching can be applied to different niches to help people thrive in their life…even though they may be facing major challenges such as cancer, caring for a loved one, loss of a loved one or feeling like their coping and surviving, but not living their life that inspires or excites them.

Today, instead of a written blog, I’m inviting you to check out my video. Those of you who have worked with me or who have downloaded my i-Thrive! Starter Kit (available by registering at the top of my home page) know I’m all about using powerful questions to create change and transformation in our lives. If you haven’t heard yet about “The Big Question”, then sign up today for the video opt in series and get the scoop.

And I do it again at the end of my interview…I ask another big questions that you don’t want to miss…it’s sure to ignite any goals or action steps you’ve got on the table. A little dose of inspiration and rocket fuel for your dreams heading into the weekend. Rock and roll!

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