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Coaching is not a new concept. Every top athlete and professional sports team has them. Major corporations and high-level executives have used coaches behind closed doors for years.

As a former professional athlete and someone who started training with coaches when I could barely tie my skates, I know the coaching model works.  At every point in my life where I have wanted to learn new skills, achieve high-level results and do so in a time frame much faster than I could imagine possible, I worked with a coach.

My coaches helped create a plan to move me toward my goals. They educated me and trained me in new skills. They held me accountable for producing results. But most importantly, they had a vision for me at my highest potential when I couldn’t quite grasp what I was capable of achieving.

Coaching definitely works. And today, I find myself as part of the cutting edge of a new paradigm in coaching. Something I’m calling the coaching (r)evolution. Bruce Schneider, the founder of iPEC, where I did my certification, has taken coaching to the next level with his Energy Leadership model. As iPEC graduates, we receive the solid foundational coaching techniques and strategies. And then we go far beyond it into what I see as the next evolutionary step in coaching skills…Energy Leadership.

Energy Leadership is about understanding your potential to lead and motivate yourself and others in life.  Schneider defines leadership as “…how you interact with everyone, including yourself….everyone is a leader either by choice or by default.”

When you consciously decide how you are interacting with yourself, your life and others, you are leading by choice. Otherwise, you are leading by default. This means you react based on old behavior patterns in an unconscious manner. Pretty difficult to be an Olympic gold medalist if you are operating in default mode.

So what do I mean by coaching (r)evolution and why am I so excited about it? Because it is designed to give you the tools to become more conscious and aware about how you are living your life. It’s not just about setting a goal, breaking it into steps and then using accountability with a coach to achieve the goal. That’s a great starting place.

But what happens when you get stopped by limiting beliefs, false assumptions, fear or catabolic or “negative” thoughts – just a few of the things that can hijack us on our road to our goals?  “Just do it” just won’t work when you come up against gremlin (the inner critic) messages that tell you things like:

  • you’re not intelligent enough
  • you don’t have the experience
  • you’re good but you’ll never be great
  • it didn’t work last time you tried, why would it work this time
  • you’re not good enough

With Energy Leadership coaching, we identify these blocks and guide you through a process that helps you remove them so you can live at your highest potential.

Welcome to the coaching (r)evolution!

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