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It’s summertime…a time typically highlighted by outdoor events such as barbecues.  As I lit the grill last weekend and got ready to put on some steaks, I asked my dinner guests how they would like their meat cooked.  Everybody chose something different.  One person wanted well done.  Another wanted medium well.  I prefer mine medium to medium rare.

Ordering how you want your steak cooked is very much,  I noticed in that moment, like choosing how you want to live your life.  Some people want more flavor and color.  They want to have a some tenderness and some juice.  Others want to make sure that there is no chance they’ll contract salmonella so, out of fear, control or perhaps good planning if by chance you didn’t buy meat from a trustworthy source, they forgo the juicy flavor and softer texture.  Maybe this is how they choose to make the experience enjoyable…by not having concerns about possible health implications.

I’ve played it safe at times in life by taking what seemed to be the sure thing.  There were usually costs involved.  I’ve take the middle of the road approaching, taking some risk but hedging my bets and ordering medium.  Some times, I’ve taken real risks.  I know from experience that is truly where the flavorful life lies.  It is where the juice is for me.

What I see as most important isn’t how you order steak or design your life.  What is important is that you see you are clearly choosing a particular experience.   Are you putting in an order for the life you desire?  Or are you consistently playing it safe giving you the feeling and experience of less excitement in your life?  Next time you have the opportunity to try something new that involves some risk, check in with yourself to see if perhaps this time you may want to give medium-rare a try.

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