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This week Julian gives us a chance to talk about fun…”My girlfriend and I used to have a lot of fun but it seems lately we’ve been so busy trying to just keep up with life that we’ve dropped this out of the mix.  Money is tight so that makes it challenging.”

It takes some effort and creativity but there are lots of ways to recapture the fun.  It’s summertime so whether you live in California or elsewhere in the country so take advantage of seasonal festivals and events.  There are fairs with reasonably priced midways, compared to heading off to a pricier option such as Six Flags, with a lot to offer.  Look for outdoor film screenings and bundle up a picnic basket full of homemade munchies.

It’s easier to enroll someone in a mission like adding fun back in if you do it together.  Grab an empty jar, some colored post it notes and spend a few minutes together jotting down things you enjoy doing together for fun that fall in your budget range.  Then decide how often each week you need to set aside time to pull an activity from the jar and make it happen together.

You can turn a trip to the farmer’s market, where you gather up fresh fruits ‘n veggies into a fun event if you bring home your goodies and make a meal together.  Fresh smoothies, Caesar salad for two, grilled vegetables.  Yum.  Or check out some local fundraising events like a pancake breakfast.  Admission fees are usually low with servings plentiful.  You’ll be contributing to others, getting to know people in your community all while spending quality time together.

Don’t fall into the trap of making excuses.  Your energy level will go up once you are in action and making your plan for fun happen so fight the urge to stay on the couch.  Make fun a priority.  It will add longevity to your relationship and make the here and now a much better place to be.

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