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For years, cancer survivors were defined by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) as anyone with cancer from the time of their diagnosis through “the balance of their life.”  After extensive studies examining the impact of a cancer diagnosis on primary caregivers and the family, the NCCS eventually expanded the definition to include us as well.

While I do think of myself as a survivor, I don’t often look at what I have gone through to recover from my loss as being a cancer survivor.  However, I am grateful for being included.  The impact of being a primary caregiver is significant and having this recognized means something.This is why my cancer survivorship coaching includes providing coaching services to caregivers independently.  Cancer survivorship coaching is not just for those diagnosed, going through treatment or living beyond treatment.  It is also for those whose lives are significantly impacted by someone who is close to them going through cancer.

Who survives? Cancer patients, their families, spouses, friends, business associates…all survivors.  But there is more to reach for in life than surviving…for everyone whether we are facing a health crisis or not.

In the early days of my loss, I experienced times when the effort to get out of bed, eat and even just breathe felt like too much.  I did it and I was surviving.  But that was not reason enough to go on and recreate a life without my husband. I needed to rediscover meaning and a purpose.  I needed to find a way to thrive.

Ask yourself, are you surviving or thriving? What are you putting up with or managing to get through?  Do you tell yourself that things will be better when ___________ (fill in the blank with some future thought) but never quite getting there?

There are many different challenges people face in their lives and many ways human beings end up in survival mode.  Facing a life threatening illness raises the stakes and often becomes the call to action that is the impetus for making new and different choices about how to live life. There are valuable insights and paradigms for living we can all learn from those facing life challenging health issues.

But you don’t have to wait until your facing a personal crisis to integrate the paradigm of thriving in your life instead of just surviving.

  • If you are a cancer survivor, how can you create your “new normal” and transform the challenges of living beyond cancer?
  • As someone who currently has their health, how can you be inspired by others who have had to fight for their life to transform your own challenges into inspired living?
  • How can we all step beyond surviving and into thriving and making every day count in a way that matters to us?

Let’s find out together as the next evolution of After & Before unfolds in 2011!  To truly make the most of this year, why not get a clear snapshot of what old patterns are holding you back and the potential you have to take your life to the next level…sign up today to do your T-hrive! Factor Assessment reveal whether your tendency is to survive or thrive.  A fast, affordable way to get a clear view of what’s holding you back so you can thrive more.

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