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I love this idiom.  It’s all about the moment where we either get in the game or choose to be a spectator in our lives.   The phrase is visceral.  I can see the tread marks on the asphalt and the dark grey smoke.  I can smell the burning of the rubber.  I can feel that moment in between wheels spinning and when they finally grab at the surface and launch forward with high velocity.

There is a build up of tension, stress even, as we come up to that defining moment.  Then a release and a sense of relief.

When we experience a major life change, particularly one we don’t choose such as a cancer touching our lives, we find ourselves on a path littered with critical moments…defining moments.  When the health of your loved or your own health is at stake, you can’t afford to be a spectator.

You need focus to be at the wheel and energy to push the accelerator down to the floorboards.  You enter your destination into the GPS and get on the path to healing.  There may be some bumps in the road and some detours, but once you’ve set your course and put it into drive nothing can stop you.

Where the rubber hits the road is about commitment and being in action.  It’s about having focus and determination.  We can be victimized by the circumstances or challenges that occur in our lives.  Another option is to set a goal, create a plan and take the wheel.

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