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Are you fully engaged in your life?

Do you wake up each day excited and inspired by your career & relationships?

Have you achieve the level of financial, personal and career success you desire?

    If not, what are you waiting for?  Really?!  I don’t often jump on a soapbox but I just have to ask what the resistance to changing your life is all about.  I understand that change is scary.  But it can also be exciting…and you don’t have to do it alone.  There are tons of support systems and tools out there to help you take that leap of faith.

    If you find yourself complaining about the same issues, feeling low energy and uninspired here is the good news…you get to choose to either continue being this way or you can choose to experiment with a different way of living.

    What would your life be like if the circumstances that drain you no longer existed?  What could you accomplish?  What do you dare to dream for yourself…and, most importantly, how much longer are you willing to go through life wondering what might be…if only?

    When I first learned to ride, I knew I wanted to experience the feeling of flying over fences perched on the back of my horse, Power Mate.  He was a natural jumper.  I was not.  For my first jump, my trainer created a small “X” with two poles measuring about six inches off the ground.  He instructed me to trot Power Mate up to the “X” and then let him do the work.  All I had to do was shift slightly out of the saddle as he crossed the bars.  We didn’t get much air but the feeling was incredible.  I wanted more.

    I could imagine how it would feel to eventually be the one piloting us over bars raised five feet in the air.  I didn’t know how I would be able to do it but that’s why I had a coach.  Jumping a fifteen hundred pound animal over obstacles he wouldn’t naturally choose to hurdle himself over can be a scary thing.  It requires courage and faith.  It also requires proper tools and techniques.

    Waiting for my dream of jumping horses would not make it happen.  Succumbing to my fears or letting the fact that I didn’t know how get in the way would not help me reach my goal.  Sitting by and watching other riders wasn’t going to give me the feeling of being airborne.   I had to do the hard work.   My trainer helped me develop my confidence.  Then, with a strong foundation of understanding the mechanics of jumping and my new riding tools and techniques, we slowly began to raise the bar…literally.

    One day during a training run, it all clicked.  As I flew around the course, mastery took over and my actions and responses became natural, fluid, unthought, inspired.  I landed one particular jump and saw my trainer indicate the next one I was to take.  It required a sharp, hairpin turn to get to it from my landing place.  I looked toward my goal and we took a leap of faith together, Power Mate and I.  Suddenly we were soaring, five feet in the air and feeling like we’d never land.

    I had achieved my goal and now I would be able to do this over and over again.  Now I could feel that freedom and power and excitement any time I chose to.  As we pulled up near my trainer, he started to laugh.  He shared with me that I had misunderstood which jump he was pointing to.  He had no idea we could pull off that kind of turn into such a high jump.  It was only my skills, technique and self-confidence that fueled us over the five-footer that day.  I had moved to self-mastery where only I created the limits of what I could do.

    This is how coaching works.  You create new tools, resources and skills to be able to make changes in your life.  Your coach holds the space of believing and knowing you can do it…until the day comes that you see this for yourself and you take that leap of faith supported by all you have learned…and you fly.  So…really…what are you waiting for?

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