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The area under my desk has been populated by a tangle of wires since I moved into my new place several months ago. Each time I reach down to grab the plug to charge my cell phone or the cord for my computer, I’m faced with what looks like a nest of snakes. It annoys me plus it adds clutter and confusion to this area of the room.

Tucked neatly into my three tiered office supply organizer is an array of plastic and Velcro ties perfect for the job of wrestling my cords into an orderly system. I also have the knowledge and a vision for how I want to resolve the issue. It is not enough to be clear about what is not working…in this case, my disarray of cords. It’s not enough to have the tools to resolve the issue.

It isn’t about intelligence.  Having the knowledge of how to solve the problem and a vision for the outcome won’t do it either. I believe my readers are intelligent, knowledgable people and if that is what it took to make significant changes in your life, you’d be making them already.  Ultimately, change is about taking action. If you don’t apply action, the situation remains the same.

Today I finally put the whole equation together. Eight Velcro ties, one power bar, a vision of anchoring the power bar to the back leg of the desk and five minutes to neatly loop excess cords into bound bunches and the problem was resolved. It looks and feels so much better.

It was a simple task so I didn’t need extra support with but for the more daunting challenges, I walk the talk and have my own coach. This is a tool that has been instrumental in the ongoing building of my business and my personal self-growth. Creating change in your life works the same way.

You may have acquired some great tools either from my website, blogs or newsletters or from other classes and courses you’ve taken. You may have learned to identify what’s not working and have the knowledge and wisdom to generate a solution but if you fail to take action, nothing will change. A big part of coaching is about supporting people to get into action…now. You’ve had years to examine your life, your choices and your circumstances. Now let’s do something about it. Check out my programs page for next steps and options for you.

If you don’t see a program that is a fit, then ASK for what you need. I can easily custom design a package for you. And I’m running fall specials as part of my commitment to making coaching accessible…but you have to email or call and  use the code: YOU GOTTA ASK to get your discount.  That requires…action.

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