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Now that’s a prescription for never living in the present!  Each time we say “once I finish this” or “as soon as I accomplish that” we are subjecting ourselves to accepting a current less-than reality. Meanwhile, we’re waiting for a most-likely-will-never-come-to-pass future where everything is wonderful.

If you have to put yourself into a future space at a time when things are different in order to feel you will finally have what it takes to be happy or successful or in a relationship, you are absolutely expressing that your current reality does not match your vision for what you desire in one, some or all of those areas of your life.

How can we, instead, use this common misnomer as a red awareness flag?

The next time you catch yourself saying you will feel, have or be a way you are not currently, stop and take note of what area of your life is it that is calling for change…now.  The red flag not only lets you know you are living out into a future in hopes that things will change, it tells you exactly what you are currently dissatisfied with.  It also informs you of the vision you have for yourself.  This means you can now choose to take action to create the shift or change needed to be living your vision instead of just hoping that some day things work out.

Begin to focus on how you can feel better now by designing your current and future life.  You can lead by responding to change or by instigating it as part of your action plan informed by your core values and inspired by your vision, instead of merely reacting to life and being a victim of circumstance.  You get to choose…living by default or on purpose and with passion.

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