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Today is the day…before you get ready to lift your glass and ring in the New Year, take a moment and acknowledge yourself for all you accomplished in 2010.  Never mind what might be left on the to do list or in the planning stages for what’s next.  Find a peaceful corner of your world, away from the jingle bells and the fa-la-la-la-las.

Get out your favorite pen and start writing a list of the completions and “I did its” you want to celebrate.  This is one of those moments to send your inner critic packing.  You can invite your cheerleader to the party instead.  I think you’ll be surprised once you start to jot down your list.

Then, tomorrow when you do whatever you do to close out the year, before you welcome in the new one, show yourself some gratitude and acknowledge each point on your list.  If you can share this exercise with a partner, even better.  Swap lists and read each others’ aloud.

If you’re in a relationship, you can include in this moment time to thank your partner for the difference they made in your 2010 and who they are to you, how they show up in your life.  So, grab that pen and get ready to start feeling gooood!  Two hands clapping loudly from coaching by tambre.

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