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You took time this week after reading End of the Year Close Out and made your notes on the five key areas and celebrated.  Next steps…

  1. everything you accomplished in 2010~this now becomes a reference point for knowing that when you choose a goal, plan action steps and include some accountability, whether to yourself, a friend or a coach, you can accomplish major changes and goals.  On days in 2011 when you come up against the “I don’t know hows” or the “I can’ts” go back to this list and remind yourself, you CAN!
  2. places where you lived below your potential or off the path of inspired living ~ Review this list and check in to see if any areas you marked as areas that were less inspired or below your potential are still valid goals for you.  Sometimes as we grow, certain issues or concerns fall by the wayside as we take on bigger things even more in alignment with who we are becoming.  Toss aside what no longer fits and then create an action plan for those things remaining on the list.  You’ll need some tools to keep you on task if these things already fell by the wayside once.  Will that be coaching, a mastermind group, a call with a friend?
  3. what’s working ~ another place to celebrate.  Just check in from time to time to make sure all is well in these areas.
  4. what’s not ~ prioritize the places where you feel stuck, uninspired, working below your potential.  If you imagine yourself standing at the end of 2011, what shifts would you most want to see in your life?  Now, review #2 above as to how you plan to make these shifts a reality.
  5. areas that need cleaning up to create space for what’s next ~ did you get all your clean up done?  If not, schedule one or two things a week so that by the end of January you feel 100% with whatever you needed to complete in 2010.

Check back in tomorrow for some links to inspire you as to what is possible for you in 2010…some of my favorite check ins, check ups and inspiring stories that speak to me and help me to insist that I keep taking my life to the next level.

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