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In the darkest moments of grieving the loss of my husband, the only light I could find was the tiniest pinprick far out on the horizon. When I followed the fragile beam of that light, it led me to the answer to one of life’s biggest questions…why am I here? Why had I been left behind to live my life without Gary?

All that mattered to me in those early days was the small healing arts business I had. It was making a difference for the clients who lay on my table in pain, under stress or in need of other healing. My why is I am here to make a difference. I am here to be of service to others.

When the final tally of my life is taken, what will matter most is how I loved, how I served and how I made a difference.

Waiting to show up in the biggest way possible until I have my life in order, everything is perfect or I have lots of time on my calendar, won’t work.  It will be too late.  Our life occurs along the way of it, not at the end of it. The legacy we are building happens in the now.

If there was one action you could take to make a difference today, this week or this month what would it be? For me, becoming the co-captain of a team for the Beverly Hills Relay for Life in 2011 was a choice I made to positively impact cancer. I want this experience in my final tally count as a way that I loved and I way that I served.

Changing the world, one moment, one action, one thought at time is amplified and impacted exponentially when just one more person says yes…count me in. Who wants to start living a more inspiring version of their life?

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