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What is the difference between a hard choice, a good choice or the right choice? Aren’t they all, in the end, really simply a choice?  Isn’t the result just an experience you have ~ that you can choose to repeat or decide not to choose again?  Choice is defined as “the act of choosing…the power, right or liberty to choose, the best or more preferable part.” ( What is this means is…

• Choosing is an action – it’s not something that happens by default.
• There is power in choice
• There is freedom in choice
• Choice gives you access to the best or more preferable part

A while ago, I made a choice to leave the film business after twenty years. It wasn’t that I hadn’t enjoyed some incredible experiences and worked with some of the most creative and unique people. I just wanted more…to be making more of a difference doing something I absolutely loved. Coaching others to make their dreams come true, overcome lifelong patterns and share their gifts with the world is inspiring stuff.

A few weeks ago, the first producer who gave me my break in commercials called me to ask if I’d left the business completely. Her regular team wasn’t available. I’d begun my career in commercials with her at the same company where this current job was about to begin. There was something that felt very full circle about it. In that moment, I made a another choice.

It wasn’t a hard choice or the right choice…just a choice to do one last production job. It was a chance to travel to Chicago with a highly experienced team and take on a contract that other companies had deemed impossible to complete.  I now find myself deep into production while continuing my coaching business which. The job is extremely challenging but it is an opportunity to practice what I preach.

Be willing to sacrifice to make your dreams come true, I tell my clients. There is no magic bullet to launching your dream career…just vision, hard work and getting great support. When the challenges of the job begin to pile up , I remind myself that I chose this. I wanted this experience. I wanted to support the producer who had supported me in so many ways over the years and to finish out my run in the business as I started it…with her. I am accessing most preferable parts of the experience because I know I chose this for many good reasons.

Now, just hoping I get the opportunity to choose some salsa dancing soon!

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