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There are moments in our lives where we suddenly find ourselves suddenly slowed down or stuck.  These little blips can come at us like a curve ball out of left field.  In the big picture, their impact isn’t necessarily massive ~ more inconvenient or irritating…kind of like stepping in gum.

When Gary arrived for his first round of chemo, for example, the pharmacy had forgotten to fill his prescription so we had to wait an extra two hours before he could start the treatment.  It wasn’t the time delay so much as the emotional impact as he’d been preparing all morning to get it underway and having to wait really increased his anxiety.

Instead of getting angry about it, I focused first on getting the problem resolved and had the oncology nurse confirm they were underway and on a rush status with it.  Then, standing in a place of being of service, I asked how I could help to avoid a repeat in the future.  She offered me the option of calling the pharmacy at 6:30 am on Gary’s treatment days to remind them.  I define this as being of service because I didn’t ask her to take on that task ~ and I DID ask what the pharmacy needed.

Initially, both Gary and I felt stuck and at the mercy of the circumstances.  By asking how I could be of service, I became a helper, not a block, in the process which allowed me to shift my own energy and feel empowered and no longer like I had gum holding my shoe to the ground.  For some practical tips on how being of service can help you get unstuck, check out 5 Key Steps to Getting Gum Off Your Shoe posted on Your Tango.

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