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Over the course of passion week last week, we explored:

Pursuing Your Passion

Passion & The Physical Facet

Passion & The Mental Facet

Focusing & The Outcome

The fourth facet, the emotional, is a favorite of mine to play in.  So much of coaching lives in this realm.  Our thoughts and feelings can easily become entwined as if they are one thing.  They absolutely impact each other.  Creating awareness as to how our thoughts are impacting our feelings helps to gauge if they are physically draining us or lifting us up.

You can exercise, eat well and get a good amount of sleep but if your thoughts are like anchors weighing you down, your physical energy will be impacted.  When you have a conscious relationship to your thinking, you can understand how different thoughts impact your emotions.  Noticing is the first step to shifting how you are interacting with yourself, your circumstances or others.

If you are going through the challenge of cancer touching your life or another major issue, it is even more imperative you work with your emotional facet to maintain or even boost your energy levels.  You can impact how you engage with these circumstances and it will have a significant impact on how you choose to live with and beyond a diagnosis, treatment and into the new normal.

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