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Yesterday, we explored the power of how common expressions can become limiting beliefs.  In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks addresses the human phenomenon that early on in life we set a limit as to how much happiness and abundance we feel we deserve.  When we reach that limit, we find ways to sabotage ourselves so we never have more than we feel we deserve.  The result is that we hold ourselves back.

In my experience, I translated the challenges I was faced with into a reminder not to get too complacent when things were going well because something could happen to undermine it…that “other shoe” could drop.

Certainly, the death of my mother increased my sensitivity to and belief that bad things happen and so to be cautious about the good experiences as most likely just around the corner was an upcoming event that would bring it all tumbling down again.  So I have moments in my life where I don’t stay open to what may be the possibility of something really great occurring because I am busy “waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

But what if I instead chose to reframe this.  I could consider that perhaps I’ve faced a significant number of challenges at an earlier age than many people so maybe fewer lie ahead for me.  I could recognize that many others face much more challenging circumstances than I have and therefore, I’ve been blessed with being able to make the most of my tough times.

Most likely, life will continue to have both challenges and rewarding experiences ahead.  I have the tools to work through obstacles so no matter what shows up, I’ll find a way to move through and beyond it.  It is even more important to invoke the practice of opening up to the possibility of great things happening without the fear that sooner or later I’ll be hearing that shoe hit the floor.

It means practicing even more of being present and not trying to control or anticipate an outcome.  Just show up for the experience. It will be what it will be and whether it is a challenge or a blessing, I have the tools to work through the former and the capacity to embrace and accept the latter.

What old sayings from the past no longer serve you?  How can you reframe them to support you and your goals?

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