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I woke up this morning to an email ad for how to learn something called B2B Mobile Marketing focusing on text messaging and cheered.  Finally, a social media marketing tool I will NOT have to learn.  Not because I know it.   The reason I won’t be learning this tool is because I personally have a hugely strong dislike for these intrusive text messages which this program was offering to teach me.

In my world, text messaging is a fast way to communicate with my friends and clients.  It’s an easy way to let those close to me know I’m thinking about them without picking up the phone or typing a long email.  It is also an effective way to confirm plans, meet up with someone at a large public event or do some last minute rescheduling.

These days we are inundated with information around the clock.  There is simply a point where each of us needs to set a boundary as to how much time and energy we will allow social media to consume.  B2B is like unsolicited phone marketing calls of the past.  I rarely receive these anymore thanks to the passing of laws and creation of “do not call” lists.  There was a point where, as a group, a large part of society decided being interrupted at dinner (remember the deluge of 6pm phone calls) by an unknown marketer was not okay.  We set a boundary.

Now I’m taking the same stand against texting unsolicited advertising.  When I get a 40404 message or any other kind of solicitation by text, I hit delete immediately.  I don’t read it.  I don’t respond to it and I don’t like it.  Nothing someone else is selling me is going to have such a great impact on my life that I need to be texted about it.  Send me your offer in newsletters and emails.  I have a system for coding, filing and reading the great information that comes in via this channel of communications.

If your knowledge is deep, your information is valuable, your writing is quality and your offers fit my schedule and budget I will find you.  You do not need to track me down via texting.  Friends, family, clients and business associates I have developed relationships with, please keep the texts coming.  If you don’t know me… “delete”… I’m just sayin’!

(**Note:  I do not often rant in my blog but every so often there is just something I can’t let slide by…and I’m doing this with fingers crossed that somehow a year from now I don’t end up learning that B2B is the BEST way to market a last minute opportunity or open seat at a workshop.  After all, I do recall a time when I absolutely refused to text.)

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