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While October 31st brings out an annual smorgasbord of ghouls, witches, ghosts and other terrifying creatures, this year today is the scariest one for me…November 1st.  It marks the beginning of the end of the year.  We now have only two months left in 2010.  Why is that more scary than fake bloodied knives piercing foreheads and Freddy Krueger masks popping out of dark corners?

I have my own reasons… and as I tick them off in my head, I also notice faulty thinking around them.

1.  Time goes by quickly. When I’m having this thought it comes more from looking at it from a place of feeling something has been missed.

2.  My to do list is expanding becoming exponentially longer than hours available to get it all done before midnight on December 31st. Every email, phone call and meeting these days is resulting in more follow up actions and opportunities.   It can feel overwhelming when nearly every communication results in two to three new actions and I begin to wonder how I will get it all done.

3.  OMG!  It’s the end of another year! It’s that ticking clock (see #1 above) feeling that many people experience.  I’ve had a significant number of conversations that included this sentiment in the past few weeks.   More than time goes by quickly, there can be a heavy feeling to putting another year behind us.

Check back in tomorrow for my exploration into the faulty thinking and tools to turn scary thoughts into inspired action.

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