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I don’t see sacrifice as a giving up of something.  It is more like taking on more of a bigger something…a bigger vision or deeper commitment.

Are my blogs posting later than usual since choosing to take a final contract in the production world?  Yes.  Did I post Friday’s blog on Thursday by accident?  Yes.  Am I pretty much exhausted by the long production hours compounded the writing and coaching I do in the in between moments?  Sure.  I’ve taken on a lot but it is how I am choosing to facilitate taking my dreams to the next level. 

So there is no cost involved, only benefits.  I chose freely to take the month of August and design it this way.  And in any moment, I can choose a different action.

I am not living out of default right now.  My actions are deliberate.  Knowing I can make a different choice allows me to be fully present even at the most challenging moments.  Being able to place production and coaching side by side emphasizes the incredible juxtaposition. It has built the tension required to power a significant sling shot effect, another empowering concept from iPEC founder, Bruce Schneider.  Imagine if you could harness all the “I don’t want to, I would rather be, I wish I was” energy and use it to catapult yourself into your “Field of Dreams.” Check back in tomorrow for more on the slingshot effect!

According to, the origin of the word sacrifice is a combination of “sac” meaning holy and “fic”, to make do.  So if we return to the roots of the word, sacrifice is the holy action of making do.  There is much less martyr energy when you examine sacrifice in these terms.  Taking on one last production job is just one step in fueling the larger future vision and the incredible progress that is happening now.  There is no down side to this when I frame sacrifice in these terms. In fact, the experience has given me many gifts so far.

It has been fun to observe myself, practice my coaching skills, take detours, fall in and out of old patterns and then get centered again.  So many things never would have occurred in my life had I turned the job down.  I’ve met some incredible people here in Chicago, tested myself and found a well of the deepest commitment to coaching by tambre.  Now, if I could just get in an hour of two of salsa dancing…and maybe a bit more sleep!

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