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It’s been an exciting and intense fall in the land of coaching.  Growing my business to the next level has required a lot of commitment and investment of time.  Witnessing the major breakthroughs my clients are creating for themselves fuels me to keep on with the work.  However, it is easy to develop tunnel vision when being so focused on expanding my business, finishing my memoir and doing my 50% for my clients. (Check out my blog post, Salsa Life Lesson #4~Doing Your 50% , for some great insight into 50% versus 100% thinking).

As I drove through the Arizona desert on Tuesday on my way to Scottsdale, it gave me time to do some grounding.  I set aside the cell phone, plugged Bruce Schneider’s Law of Being CD’s into my CD player and revisited the incredible insights this program incorporates.  Somehow being in the presence of desert mountains helped me to feel even more grounded.  The rich color of the rock brought vibrancy to the moment.  Noticing the solid, enduring quality of the mountains filled me with a serene feeling.  And I breathed that in.

It is easy to get caught up in life, whether it is because we are focused on a challenge or fears we are facing or because things are going great and we’re riding a wave of happiness and success.  My drive through the desert reminded me to take time to come back to the center…that no matter how far the pendulum swings one way or another, there are times when I need to sit in the center and breathe.  It allows me to get grounded, check in and make sure my actions are in alignment with my goals and core values.  It gives me a chance to be grateful for all I have and create a vision of what I am building.

Take a moment today and make a short list of the place and ways you can create a grounding experience for yourself sometime in your day or week.  Perhaps it is a walk on the beach or through your neighborhood or a drive down the coast or into the desert.  It may be a quiet moment in a candlelit room with gentle music playing.  Whatever it is for you, give yourself a mini-vacation so you can re-center, re-focus and re-energize…and breathe!

And when you’re ready for more tools and insights, I highly recommend my guided journey through iPEC’s Law of Being coaching course.  Ask me how you can use this program to break through blocks and mis-perceptions to create an inspired life filled with ease, purpose and passion.  It’s a cost-efficient way to experience the benefits of coaching within a primarily self-guided process in time to generate an incredible 2011!

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