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Pulling Back the Curtain

Throw light on something and chances are you will see it for what it really is.  Yesterday, I wrote about November 1st being the scariest day of the year…and how, as I ran through the what made it so, I also noticed faulty thinking.  So I went through and did a reality check ~ check it out…

1.  Knowing there are only two months left this year reminds me how quickly time goes by. When I’m having this thought it comes more from looking at it from a place of feeling something has been missed.  The reality is that 2010 has, so far, been the best year for me in over a decade.  My days are filled with everything I have chosen for myself.  My present and future are consciously designed in alignment with my core values and my goals.

So instead of experiencing the arrival of the last two months of 2010 as frightening, I can use it as an opportunity to acknowledge I have accomplished an incredible amount this year in a very short period of time…and celebrate!  The hours and days pass quickly because they are filled with things I love doing and people I enjoy working with or being with.  Not a lot of scary in that when I see it from this viewpoint.

2.  My to do list is expanding becoming exponentially longer than hours available to get it all done before midnight on December 31st.

Every email, phone call and meeting these days is resulting in more follow up actions and opportunities.  The reality is…what a blessing!  If all these interactions were resulting in “no thanks” from people I was contacting and there was no interest in the coaching programs I offer then my to do list would be much shorter.  I’ll take the ever-expanding list instead and remind myself that it all doesn’t have to get done in the next twenty-four hours.

3.  OMG!  It’s the end of another year! I’m not certain the value of marking time like this.  Having a sequential calendar is necessary to keep things organized and it helps when creating actions steps in the present to refer out into the future when creating your vision.  But it is just as much a delineator of a beginning as an ending.  Nothing magical is going to happen on December 31st.  Items on my to do list will not suddenly disappear into a black hole never to be accomplished.  The reality is I most of my deadlines are self-imposed so I have the opportunity to establish them with more balance…setting them short term enough to be in action but not so tightly that I am creating unnecessary stress.

With my reality check in place, I’ve pulled back the curtain on these thoughts so there’s no place for scary to hide.  What thoughts do you have that might be shifted to more empowering ones if you shone some light into the dark corners?

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