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How easy is it to give yourself permission to relax, have fun, do something you want to instead of something you feel you should do?  The fast pace and high demands of our lives today can make it a challenge to slow down, rest or regroup.  Personally, giving myself permission to get off the fast track and put down the to do list can be a struggle.

I’m normally a high-energy person who is able to multi-task, work long hours and produce a lot of results in a relatively short period of time.  So on days when my energy is a bit lower, I have to remind myself that I am responsible for maintaining balance and implementing self-care.  No one but me can choose to eat well, get enough rest and keep on my exercise regime.  I am the only one who can decide when it is time to include some play with the work.  And I am the only one who can allow myself a shorter word count for my blog on days when I have deadlines to meet…which would be today.

Here is me giving myself permission to post a short blog today.  Just a quick reminder to check in and see if you need to grant yourself a reprieve in some arena of your life to create more balance, more ease, a chance to relax or to focus on a task or goal you’ve been unable to get to yet.  You are the only one who can issue yourself a passport granting yourself permission.

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