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Today in Orlando, you’ll find me settling in with my team and getting ready for the start of competition tomorrow.  We’ve blocked out rehearsal time for our ladies styling team so we can work the routine a few last times and get used to the new space we’ll be dancing in.

We’re aware that being in a new venue will require some adapting.  We did our research today, scouting out the ballrooms.  We’ve got our rehearsal scheduled.  With these three things in place ~ awareness, research and a scheduled action ~ we’ll be prepared to leave it all on the floor.

As you look for ways to find something your passionate about that raises your energy level in relation to the physical facet of living (see yesterday’s blog to find out what this is all about), here are a few basic steps to help you.

1.  Awareness ~ is there something you do that brings you joy, passion, fun or lights you up in some way?  If so, how often are you including it in your day or week?  If something is feeding you, make a commitment to do it regularly and particularly if you are experiencing low physical energy.

2.  Research ~ if including physical exercise or movement in your life is new or if you are undergoing treatment, check first with your doctor.  If you don’t know what you might enjoy, consider what you loved to do when you were a child.  Did riding a bike with the wind blowing through your hair give you a sense of freedom?  Did running make you feel empowered?  Or, like me, did dancing do it for you?  Most classes will allow you to do one for free to see if it is a good fit ~ you just have to ask.

3.  Schedule the activity ~ I’ll do it when often ends in never.  Get it on your calendar and set up whatever accountability you need to make it happen.

4.  Leave it all on the floor ~ As best you can, find something where the rest of the world falls away when you’re doing it.  And then let go.  As a former figure skater, I love to spin.  When I’m spinning on the dance floor, I can’t think about anything else.  I am right there in the moment.  Play full out and leave it all on the floor for that hour or so.

Go in search of your passion and get ready to experience a new source of physical energy.  Tomorrow we look at passion and the second facet ~ focus.

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