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As a coach, one of the consistent complaints I hear from clients and potential clients is the feeling of being overwhelmed by:

  • Too much to do, not enough time
  • Attempting to balance work, home, family, social, well being & finances all at once and still enjoy life
  • Shoulds
  • If onlys
  • Trying to figure things out
  • Circumstances they did not choose occurring in their life
  • Overwhelm is really good friends with lack of clarity.  The two usually go hand in hand.  The more overwhelmed you feel, the more unclear things become.  When you are sitting in this place, it can be extremely difficult to extricate yourself on your own.  This is where the brilliance of coaching can make all the difference.  It saves time, energy and ultimately money when you work with a coach who can ask the questions that guide you through the fog of confusion so you find your own answers.

    I have experienced this shift in my own life over the past several years as I incorporated both coach training and being coached.  I spend much less time swirling about in a cesspool of thoughts and limiting beliefs.  I get to observe my clients as they work their way to the surface from the murky waters and gain clarity ~ on their goals, what matters most to them, the qualities of the life they wish to be leading.  I love the coaching tools that are available to guide clients to peel back the layers and see their own truth.

    In the past, I’ve been a slave to overwhelm.  First it would consume me.  Then it would paralyze me.  From there the lack of progress would depress me and I would land in the place of being stuck.  Now when I feel overwhelmed, I tap into my new tools.  This week, we will focus on examining how mastering our daily and weekly schedule can help create clarity and move us beyond overwhelm.  Check in tomorrow as we tackle this common issue.

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