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Yesterday, inspired by Sheila Atwood’s post, I shared four blogs that are top on my list to read regularly for inside tips and tools on social media and business.  I have to tell on myself.  When I first read Sheila’s post about sharing links as a blog entry I thought, “…great…on weeks when I have a tight schedule, I can still offer value to my readers without spending quite as much time writing my blog.”  My word count yesterday was over 600.

In typical Tambre style, I didn’t just share the links, I gave my readers a mini-review highlighting why I follow these writers.  I had to ask myself, why when I had a way to save some time did I fail to take advantage of the opportunity?  The answer is…I love to write.  But I also recognize I have a lot of other outlets that need my written words write now, so in the original spirit of the link sharing exercise, today I am listing my favorite links and leaving it up to my readers to explore and decide if they are sources of inspiration for you.  Enjoy…

Coaching Excellence

She Writes

Evenstar Art

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