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In yesterday’s blog, I identified two key concepts in for transforming your life ~ The Spiral Effect and the Threads of Continuity.  Both of these are great tools for creating more clarity around your core values and what brings meaning to your life.

Why is this awareness important? It helps you to identify when and where in your life you are living from an inspired place making choices that honor you.

I believe our life purpose is always leaking out in one way or another whether we are pursing it consciously or not.  As you proceed up the spiral of life in an ongoing journey, you come back around to the chance to live more consciously, more aware and more intentionally on purpose. You can pick up the threads of your past and weave them into a future that inspires you and fulfills you.  How can you use the concept of The Spiral Effect to live in a way that your core values and life purpose are being consciously attended to?

For me, there is comfort in a return to the zip code where my California life began. I remember the excitement of preparing for the first day of graduate school as a film and communications major. I recall the triumph of graduating two and a half years later having already landed a job at Universal Studios.

I can acknowledge the incredible journey of learning, self-discovery, loss and healing that has occurred since the last time I wrote 90293 on a change of address form. And from the same zip code where I launched my career in film production, I am now rapidly building a successful coaching practice filled with amazing clients.

The Threads of Continuity help me to recognize…

  1. It’s not a mistake. I used to subscribe to the would have, should have, could have approach to life. Certainly, it is good to evaluate and re-evaluate so you can notice what is and isn’t working. But living a life filled with regrets does not create inspired living.
  2. There is opportunity in every situation. The choices we make and the challenges we face generate powerful moments where we can step out of our comfort zone, learn about ourselves and create incredible breakthroughs. Ask yourself, what might I learn from this? How can this moment or experience expand my self-awareness or fuel an anabolic change in my life.
  3. There is both rhyme and reason. I spent many years moving about within the film industry, trying to find a place that was a good fit for me. Often I felt like I was wandering about, not certain of the path to take. When I added in a part time healing practice, the picture became even more unclear for me. How did years as a competitive athlete plus a masters degree in film and fifteen years of experience in Hollywood connect with being a healer and a writer. As I follow all those threads and see how they are weaving together in the here and now, each of those skills are dovetailing to support me in the work I do as a coach.

Yesterday, I asked you to identify the Threads of Continuity in your life. When you weave those threads together, what larger picture do they create?  What continuous themes, skills and dreams have remained over the years? Are you including experiences in your life that revolve around these threads or have you disconnected from your core values and what brings you meaning? How can you use the Threads of Continuity to weave a solid foundation for a future (and a today) that inspires you?

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