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We’ll start off the week by finishing off the list of 7 Tips ‘n Tools to shift from overwhelm to refocused productivity.  In Friday’s Write On…. Blog @ Overwhelm, we covered tips one through three.  First of all, you acknowledge what is going on for you. Then, identify short, medium and long term goals in the area where you are overwhelmed. Next, get clear on the end goals.  Steps 4 through 7 include:

4. Create a go to document.  Find an organizational system that works for you.   A single place where you can track your actions.

5.  Identify your top ten must do actions each week and identify them as top priority in your go to document, then highlight the top three.  Do not even think about actions four through seven until you have completed the three highlighted tasks.

6.  Create an awareness journal to track a list of what distractions you use when you get overwhelmed.

7.  Experiment for a week.  Each time you feel overwhelmed do the check in I outlined in Point #1.  Then open up your go to document, check your top ten priorities and select the actions that will support the completion of those goals.

Check in throughout the week as I go into more detail for each of the 7 Tips ‘n Tools to shift from overwhelm to refocused productivity.

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