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Do you look forward to starting your week?  Did you land with exuberance in your desk chair or enthusiastically corral the kids into the mini van to be dropped off at their various summer activities today?  Or do you dread the start of yet another week of what feels like drudgery, counting the days again until the weekend?

While it is nice to relax and enjoy a different pace, family, friends and other social activities on the weekend, if your weekly routine is dragging you down it’s time to ask yourself, how many more of your Mondays are you willing to feel this way.

For some people, this kind of check in is an opportunity to re-evaluate and decide it is time for a change.  For others, it may be more about changing their perspective, not their circumstances.  Most people will sigh silently or even out loud, slump into their chair or the driver’s seat of the car and keep going.

Whether it is time to create an actual change or a change of perspective, the first step is to identify your core values.  What are committed to?  What is most important to you? When you are clear about these things, you can get clear on the aspects of your current situation that are not working.  From there, you can either find a way to redesign the current situation or begin to look for a new job that better fits your core values.

If the circumstances are not what you want to change or cannot change, for example, being a stay at home mom, getting in touch with your core values can help you reconnect with the original vision you had for wanting to stay home with your children.  If raising your children hands on, knowing that you are overseeing their development and taking an active daily role is important then you can use this as a touchstone on those days you need to be re-inspired.

Use these tips to go from Monday, Monday to Monday! Monday!

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