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A quick tip on a powerful tool I use when I need to make a significant shift….mirror writing.  When I was going through the initial launch of my business, like many people walking away from a life they know into the unknown, I had to face some fears.

I found Monday mornings to be the biggest challenge.  I woke up asking myself what the hell I thought I was doing.  Fear landed me in a very small box…not the place from which it is possible to build a business and make my dream come true.

Recognizing that I needed to immediately shift my thinking first thing when I started my day, I asked myself who I needed to be instead of fearful ~

  • Fierce
  • Bold
  • Unstoppable

I went out that day and bought Revlon Color #740…Certainly Red.  At home, I uncapped the tube and wrote these words on my bathroom mirror.  Each morning, I am greeted by my reminders to choose to bring these qualities, not fear, to my day.

This morning I realized it was time to grab the Windex and wipe unstoppable off.  I have integrated that quality into my life.  It’s now much easier to stay in action toward my goals.  I don’t get stuck like I used to…it’s more like hitting a speed bump.   I embody much more bold and some fierce these days but there is room for more degrees of those.

What three qualities do you feel if you added more of them into your life you would have more fun, achieve more and be more?  Write those down then go out and get yourself a some tubes of lipstick whose color reflects these qualities.

If you’re facing a health challenge, choose three words or phrases to inspire your healing journey.  Perhaps your path to wellness would be better supported with essentials such as peace, self-empowerment, faith or strength.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”…a tool of transformation and inspiration.

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