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It’s Friday so I’m sending my readers off into the weekend with this question…are you loving your life right now?  Give yourself the gift of a check in.  Notice what aspects…



  • are working…as my wise father often quotes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
  • light you up and have you tapping into your passion
  • hold great potential for growth outside your comfort zone

Ask yourself, what isn’t working.  When you identify places you are stuck, stopped or unhappy you have two choices:

  1. continue to suffer with things as is
  2. make a choice to change how you are interacting with this aspect of your life

When some clients first come to me, especially if they are challenged as a caregiver or surviving cancer, they question me about the possibility of loving life even in the face of difficult times.  How is it possible, they wonder, to love life when it seems to be treating them so harshly?  It isn’t always easy, but there are ways to find beauty, light and love in the darkest times.  I am bold enough to say this because I know from my own personal experience of being lost in grief for years, that it IS possible ~ even if you can’t see right now how to get there.

As one of my clients likes to say…at first, it is all about baby steps.  Commit to choosing to create a window of time this weekend dedicated to doing whatever gives you the feeling of loving your life…30 minutes, an hour…and just appreciate that window.  Then notice your level of energy and inspiration once you have included that in your day.

As I like to say, treat it like an experiment.  You can always go back to feeling overwhelmed, lacking hope or being without a vision for the future…and if that is how you are feeling, then consider contacting me for a complimentary consultation on how you can begin to shift these feelings…because you deserve to be loving your life ~ no matter what!

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