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Gina Osher was a coach long before she was a coach.  When I met Gina, it was in the middle of production madness.  She was a fun, hard working wardrobe stylist. I was back working at the lowest rung on the ladder in order to break into coordinating in commercials.  Gary, my late husband, was well into his second year of cancer.  In my “spare” time, I had embarked on my path of learning as many healing arts as possible to help manage his symptoms and side effects.

When we first met, Gina was a wild, vivacious divorcee who could carry off a cowboy hat, boots and a lot of cleavage like no one else (she still could if she wanted to).  Not one to live in a fantasy world, Gina was very open to seeing how discontented she was with what styling had become for her.  She wanted something more. 

In her personal life, she was in and out of relationships dating men who mostly didn’t treat her like the gem of a person she is.  She wanted something more.  As we got to know each other, she heard about my healing arts training and eventually came over for a Reiki session…and she wanted something more.

What I love about Gina is not just that she wanted something more, but that she took the risk to go after what she wanted.  In less than a year, she had become a Reiki master, left the film business and started her own healing arts business.  She had also met a wonderful man, got engaged and was living a transformed life.

Gina is now the amazing mother of twins.  She’s taken her love of family and her innate desire to help others and transformed that into becoming The Twin Coach.  Gina helps expectant and new parents of twins navigate the challenges of raising multiples.  As author of The Twin Coach blog, Gina writes candidly about everything from supporting her princess-loving son to offering support to parents grieving the shocking loss of their newborns.

Gina is honest and real, as she has always been.  Gina is someone who gives a damn.  She was there for me during the horribly challenging times of Gary’s battle with cancer.  She was there to drag me from the silence of my home in the months following his death.  A decade after meeting, she is still there for me as a dear friend and fellow coach.  Our lives are an intertwined sharing of loss, personal growth, major career transitions, risks taken, fears faced and goals achieved.  Gina is living proof that when you want something more, you can create a life of more.

If you could create more in the next six months in one area of your life, what would you want more of?  What will it take to make that happen?  To move from the wanting into the designing and creating of your more?  As 2010 comes to a close it is a perfect time to ask how 2011 can be different…how it can be more.

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