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At the end of yesterday’s blog, I was heading into my coaching call ready to defend my modus operandi to my coach.  I was certain I had the training, desire and other key ingredients to be able to continue putting a significant amount of energy into my middle phase tasks for growing my business while also doing the necessary phase one to dos.

Once on the call, the opportunity to really take on a major step in my own personal growth became clear.  My pattern of focusing on the middle ground was comfortable and familiar.  It kept me in the game enough to convince myself I was in action, but on the sidelines enough to not quite be completing the things that give a long term coaching business a strong foundation from which to grow to the next level.  Progress is often made in consistent but smaller steps.

Just like in football, you need to be moving the ball up the field in increments to add up to enough ground covered that you maintain possession.  Every once in awhile, you throw a long bomb but if every play is focused on scoring a touchdown with one toss instead of progressively gaining yardage you will most likely end up turning over the ball to the other team.

Through some powerful coaching, I dropped my defense of how the queen of multi-tasking could play her usual game and decided to make a different choice this time.  I didn’t have any desire to throw down the gauntlet which would have just been an act of me getting in my own way.  I got very clear it was not going to serve me to hold onto my old approach.  Certainly, my past patterns had done a great job of helping me survive.  They’d gotten me a long way…but never to the Superbowl.  If I wanted to experience a different outcome beyond good enough this time, then I needed to be willing to try something new.

I have a new playbook to follow this season.  As I tweaked my plan this morning to align with my new approach, I felt a sense of peace, purpose and clarity.  I can see that the only thing that gets in my way is me.

  • Now I have the focus I need and it is in the right place.
  • Now I am learning to step aside to let my mission drive my actions.
  • Now I feel as though I am unstoppable.

And THIS is why even as a coach, I work with a coach…to ensure my success and ongoing business and personal growth.  How might having a coach support you in no longer playing small and being limited by old patterns?  Contact me today to find out.

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