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I can learn something from everyone. Sometimes others model behaviors and ways of handling situations and relationships that remind me of the what I don’t wants.  Things I don’t want to experience or ways I don’t want to interact with others. Most often, I find that the majority of people I meet have at least one thing to teach me about qualities and approaches that can potentially enhance my work and my life…something I DO want to incorporate into my life.

In the past, I’ve allowed judgment to interfere with the gifts others have to offer. Usually it was the outside appearances that were deceiving. Even though I logically understood that judging from the outside creates major limits and in no way measures the truly important characteristics and qualities of a person, it’s a pretty common tendency.

These days, I have thankfully learned to take time to really listen to others, notice them for the risks they take and the compassion they show others. I have learned to observe and engage instead of judge and walk away. When I judge I come from a place of thinking I know.  When I observe, I am willing to be open to knowing others have a lot to offer.  This is a place I can learn from.

Lately, I have observed courage, determination and major risk taking. I have witnessed dynamic speaking, pushing past challenges and a willingness to step way out of the comfort zone. I have noticed a desire to do more and be more even when people have valid reasons to opt out.  These observations not only inspire me, they also instruct me…on how ah-mazing people are and ways I can continue to personally step up my game.

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