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At CBT (coaching by tambre) it is!  These days the internet is filled with offers of **Free**.  I’ve taken advantage of many of these generous and informative opportunities but I find that often others do not.  Recently, I asked some friends about their take on free and why they don’t necessarily show up.  Why not attend a free teleclass or workshop?  Their answer was that in their experience free offers tended to have strings attached ~ most often a hard sales pitch at the end that made the end of the event pretty unpalatable.

CBT’s version of free is *complimentary because I care*.  The people who show up for my fee-less events tend to be people who know me or who have been recommended by people who know me.  Why?  Because they understand I am there to provide a valuable, informative experience, not to sell.

Still skeptical?  Here is how I look at it.  When I offer a fee-less teleclass or a complimentary session, it is my way of tithing.  I believe strongly in the concept of reciprocity and giving back.  Some people tithe with cash and others with time.  I do a combination of the two.

So when you see *complimentary because I care* on my event calendar, my flyers or my Facebook and Meetup Events, don’t see it as free.  See it as the valuable way I am being of service and giving back, then sign up, show up and take advantage of the tools, resources and insights to benefit your life ~ knowing that the content of the event will always be coaching related and at the end of the call, class or workshop there will be no hard sale.  Instead, remember it is my opportunity to tithe while making a difference in your life.

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