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Feeling stuck or low on energy and motivation? How would your life be different if you could immediately shift yourself from stuck to being back in action? What if you could choose in every moment how you act and react to situations instead of responding with old patterns? Learning to discern between catabolic and anabolic energy is the first step to making this possible.

Catabolic, or destructive thoughts and patterns typically create an internal conflict with our core values. We know we are not living according to what means most to us. (See yesterday’s blog, Catabolic Energy~the Stressor or the Source for more about catabolic energy if you missed it.) This generates stressful experiences. Catabolic feelings or reactions to events also eat up your energy which reduces the resources you have available to support your well being, goals and dreams.

The flip side of catabolic energy is anabolic energy. Think of it as constructive or creative energy. Some characteristics of anabolic energy include:

• anabolic reactions build new structures so within our model anabolic energy is a way to build new thoughts, ideas and approaches in your life
• the average person spends only 10% to 25% of the time in an anabolic state.
• lower levels of anabolic energy directly impacts your ability to motivate yourself and be a leader in your own life.

Anabolic energy is inspiring and lights us up. It is a way of being that leads to a peaceful, grounded and empowered life. You feel in the flow. You attract the resources and people you need to support your visions and core values. When you focus on the anabolic experience, you generate incredible energy that can ignite your dreams and fuel your action steps.

In upcoming blogs, we will explore Level 1 of the 7 Levels of Energy and how you use the iPEC Energy Leadership model to reduce stress and free up energy that can then be utilized in an anabolic way.

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