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If you were to say today is the day what would you walk away from that no longer serves you?  What would you choose that is more in alignment with your core values and gifts?  What new action would be taking?  What could “today is the day” look like for you?

Yesterday was my “today is the day.”  It was the last day of a twenty year career in the film business.  In the weeks leading up to it, I had moments of anxiety about the implications of saying it out loud and committing to turning my full time passion for working with my coaching clients into a full time career.

While shooting in Chicago, I found myself standing one morning on a corner outside Starbucks in the first five minutes I had to myself in nearly four days sad that I was not putting all of my time into my coaching.   And I was happy that I was sad about it.  What is it you are missing in your life?  What distracts you from including more of what you’re passionate about?

Production has taken me to interesting places in the world.  It introduced me to the great love of my life.  It gave me the opportunity to develop a vast array of skills and abilities I am now applying fully to my coaching business.  And now it is time to move into the what’s next for me…not half way, but fully embracing it along with the fears, challenges and incredible opportunities a new venture brings.

It takes courage, clarity, support of family and friends…and faith to take that leap but it is already worth it.  I see the value in the weekly successes of my clients and in the inspiration others say I provide to them by doing whatever it takes to bring my dream fully into being.

What will it take for today to be the day for you?

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