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It’s easy to get distracted by the holidays.  Create a balance between how much time you want to invest in the festivities.  Make conscious choices that reflect your core values when it comes to gift giving, spending time with family and recharging your batteries.  What do you want to be doing right now with your time and energy?

Then consider, what’s next?  If you want something more or different in the coming year, then don’t duck behind the holiday decorations and hope it works out.

  • Begin to explore how it would feel to take on being the author of your life story and write an extraordinary one.
  • If you stepped into each day keeping in mind that every action you take is a brick in the legacy you are building, what actions would you maintain and which ones would you let go of?
  • Start to consider not what you are doing, but who you are being…and whether or not this reflects what matters most to you.

If you don’t believe living a transformed life is possible, check out the testimonials on my website.  My clients will tell you that by creating awareness, making conscious choices and taking inspired actions, they have changed their lives…

  • Previously unemployed are now back in the workforce doing jobs they love.
  • Those dealing with loss are finding new purpose and meaning.
  • Clients facing chronic illness are designing their new normal, releasing fears, anger and sadness to generate a higher level of energy in their daily lives that also supports their healing.

By applying the Energy Leadership coaching model, we’ve resolved an array of complaints from sleep disturbances to financial issues to unhealthy relationships.  And as clients complete their packages, they consistently share with me that they go forward in their lives armed with new tools and strategies, able to stand on their own.  They approach life from a different place and are able to live the coaching paradigm.

If it is time for a change you do not know how to make happen in your life, consider giving yourself the gift of transformation and call for a complimentary coaching session.  If it is time to give a friend or family member the resources to turn their challenges into opportunity, contact me for information on gift certificates for coaching services.

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