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Good enough is not good enough.  It’s been fine up until now but you’ve come in search of something more.  Maybe it is a fleeting thought that pops up every so often, whispering of excellence you’ve been pushing away.  Perhaps it is an inner knowing you stuff back down when it tries to remind you there is a higher potential available to you.  And you’ve successfully managed to banish it over and over…until now.

So when you can no longer ignore the voice that clearly sees you could be more, do more, experience more what’s next?  Knowing there is more you desire or a bigger life for you isn’t enough.  It may take time, patience, energy and resources to grow your life to the next level.  It will certainly require clarity and courage.  And remember to build a strong support team.

Trying to figure out the answers will only put you into your head and this journey must come from the heart.  There will be appropriate moments to apply logical thinking and practical action steps but the motivation and energy to make the necessary changes comes from inspiration.  Ask yourself, what is meaningful?  What brings you joy and a sense of purpose?  What qualities do you need to bring into your life to transform good to great?  What would shift you from surviving to thriving?

Having an expanded view of yourself helps to create a vision.  Use this like a compass to head you in the direction of living at your higher potential but be open to other possibilities along the way.  When I reached out to find a greater purpose in my life after being widowed, it was my desire to help others that was the thread tying me to my future.

This calling led me to study psychotherapy, which was both a healing experience for me with regard to my own grief and also training that gave me a strong foundation to later work with clients.  But psychotherapy wasn’t a perfect fit for me so I returned to film to earn a living and complete other goals.  It was a good life, but not good enough.

The inner voice would not be silent so I began to write my memoir.  I took one intuitive step after another and ended up in a writing course where I would meet the person who would introduce me to the idea of life coaching and the perfect training school for me, iPEC.

Finally, I am on a path that is in alignment with my core values, my life purpose and my gifts.  It is challenging at times, always inspiring and I’m finally living beyond good enough in areas of my life where I wasn’t in the past.  Accept the good in life, but be willing to ask for more…of yourself and your life.  We deserve that.

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