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Hollywood knows we all need heroes in our life.  Extraordinary people who put aside any concern for themselves to swoop in and save the day for the greater good.  Big screen saviors like Batman, Superman and Lara Croft fight against evil and make the world a better place for ordinary people.  It’s entertaining to watch and comforting to live in a world where justice prevails…even if only for a couple of hours in a darkened theater.

The reality is that at the end of the day when the director says cut, the stars and their stunt doubles step away from the rigging lines, safety harnesses and crash pads and become ordinary human beings no more able to stop a speeding bullet than the rest of us.

Yesterday, in the middle of what must have looked like a scene from a movie, a young intern acted as if he were as indestructible as any superhero we’ve met.  Disregarding the bullets that were flying, he put aside all thought of his own personal safety and ran toward the violence in order to be of service to others.  In that moment, an everyday person called up courage to help in a life and death situation.  It is now being reported that his actions may well have save the life of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

Only five days into his internship, Daniel Hernandez demonstrated what it is to be a real life superhero.  He risked his own life to serve others.  As I send out thoughts and prayers to the shooting victims and their families and thanks to Daniel for embodying courage and what it is to truly make a difference, I ask myself what our world could be like if more actions were inspired by putting the needs of others first.  Daniel didn’t to what he did for money, fame or to be liked.

I refuse to let this example of inspired action slip by.  Join me in showing your thanks for the everyday heroes, including our military, police, fire and rescue, that share Daniel’s courage by doing one act of random kindness.  Reach out to someone you know may be lonely, post an acknowledgment message on Facebook, hand a homeless person a bagged lunch, offer some support and encouragement in a way that fits for you.  No one is asking you to dodge bullets…just make a difference.

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