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Caregivers can be notorious for not giving themselves enough credit.  There were many times I failed to acknowledge myself for the difference I made for Gary.  There was always so much to do, so many details to be handled.

This common occurrence was highlighted for me the other day when I posted a tweet asking followers how they had made a difference in the world that day.  A fellow blogger, Hajra Khatoon, tweeted back that she had helped her sister look for an apartment and wondered if that meant she had made a difference.

When I acknowledged this kind of deed absolutely was something that made a difference, she celebrated with a Yippee!  It reminded me of how easily we can sell ourselves short.  There is great value in gifting our time and energy to others.  Often it is the smallest things that can lift someone up during a challenging time.  “It’s the thought that counts” carries a lot of truth.

The people I work with consistently show up as those who wish to have a positive impact in the world.  My tweet to my followers was about giving them a chance to notice if they had fulfilled this goal some way, big or small, that day.  If not, it was a gentle reminder to get realigned with their core values.  If so, it was a chance to acknowledge themselves for being the difference in someone’s world.

Yes, Hajra, you made a difference that day and I am sure you do every day.  The space we live in is an important component to creating balance in our lives.  Helping your sister to find a place to call home is a major contribution.  By allowing me to share your story, you’ve done it again ~ reminding us all to give ourselves credit for the time and energy we invest in others.

Two hands clapping loudly for all the caregivers out there…bless you!

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