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Now is the time to jump…to dive into your life and go deep.

Remember how it felt standing at the edge of the tall diving board before you leapt the first time (okay, for me it was the edge of a cliff up on Lake Muskoka in Ontario)?

I knew the water below was free from rocks and was deep. I knew the cliff face was straight and I knew how to push off and away from the ledge. I knew how to take this plunge safely.

It took a minute to work through the should I, shouldn’t I’s. But then I knew I wanted the thrill of the jump and the experience of the water rushing up to meet me. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone, overcome any fears and feel that sense of aliveness that comes when I step outside my box. By completing the jump, my identity shifted. I was no longer someone who wanted to jump or was afraid to jump and I certainly wasn’t someone who wished they had jumped.

When my clients get stuck on the cliff, we look at what holds them back…limiting beliefs, fear, old patterns. They learn to watch for excuses and destructive thoughts.  Checking out what causes you to lose your power and your energy can also give you some great insights. Then, call on your board of directors to help support you to step up and move beyond all that…and leap. Ask that person you’ve had your eye on out for a coffee, try a new class in something, sing aloud in public…whatever it is for you!  Then notice how you felt doing it and what happens after in your daily life.  DO IT!

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