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We’ve all been there. You create a goal and a future vision. In the initial moments of creation, the sparks fly. You are inspired. You are on fire.  You are…

  • CRAZY!
  • not smart enough to pull that off
  • too lazy to make it happen
  • going to fail
  • fooling yourself
  • not going to succeed because when you have tried to achieve goals like this in the past you have failed

I can hear the hiss and see the steam as the inner critic dumps water on the creative flames. For most of us, in that moment when the spark is snuffed out, we fall into a agreement with the inner critic and return to the safety of our comfort zone. Nothing can happen to us here….except everything. Time for a reframe. Don’t think of it as safe…think of it as small…living small and playing small. It’s a false sense of security.

In a profile article written by Megan L. Reese for Ladies Who Launch, she interviews successful author, artist and businesswoman, SARK.  It is an incredible story of someone who was unstoppable. Through learning curves and failed business approaches, SARK recalibrated and went at her goals again and again.

She did not do it perfectly the first time but she took responsibility for what went wrong and then made different choices. In her early days when she lacked resources she did whatever she had to do to make it happen, including “stealing” space in a neighboring garage.

How can you be unstoppable? What might be possible if you gave the gremlins and inner critic a week or a month off and just went for it?  …Note to self!

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