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Shakespeare knew what he was doing when he employed the device of the foil.  It is a gift we can use in modern times as it is a device that can give us a reflection of our world.  My blog post last week, A Call for Kindness, was inspired by a story of a woman who experienced a lack of it.  Comments on the post reflected that others have also been witness to or on the receiving end of inconsiderate thinking and actions.

Stories like this can serve as a call to action…which can bring more of what we’re looking for in our life.  Being aware of when compassion or being of service to others seems to be missing gives us the opportunity to respond with that which we feel is lacking.  It also serves as a reminder to be this in our own life.

It is like the contrast of light and dark or night and day.  Without one, we do not have the other.  This weekend, the salsa community became a foil for the less conscious, less considerate acts that inspired A Call for Kindness.  An amazing instructor, Tenia Raeni, opened up her Saturday night salsa event to create a fundraiser for my Relay for Life team.  I have some amazing stories to tell and photos to share later this week.

For now, suffice it to say, kindness, compassion and caring were in the house!  It was an incredible blessing to witness so many giving so much.  I am truly grateful for the experience of this past week witnessing the range from inconsiderate moments all the way to people being the best examples of making a difference in the lives of others.

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