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Imagine if the pilot of a plane almost made the runway…or a fireman almost put out the fire…or you put almost all the necessary energy into healing from cancer or caring for a loved one with cancer?

In my world, almost is never good enough.  I’ve spent time asking myself why I am this way.  Why can’t I do things half way…or even 90%?  Is it programmed into my DNA to always set the highest goals and put nothing less than 100% into my efforts?  Something learned in childhood?

Finally I realized that it doesn’t matter why.  I also realized I use the up side of this tendency to be able to make a difference ~ with my clients and in my community.  This is part of how I THRIVE!  Anything less is just surviving.

Today, April 29th, is the last day before my team’s Beverly Hills Relay for Life Event….so time to give everything I have toward making my goal.

And I’m almost there.  But almost is NEVER good enough.

If you were to devote a week to denying yourself the right to almost show up and take action toward your goals and instead push into the athlete’s zone of going for gold, what might be possible?

If you can’t imagine what that would look like, check out my i-Thrive Assessment.  It is an easy online tool that will reveal exactly what is holding you back from thriving in your life.

  • uncover ways to optimize your physical energy levels
  • pinpoint areas where you can begin to reduce stress & anxiety
  • measure your potential to find peace & live an inspired life
  • discover if you are effectively harnessing all your internal & external resources to thrive

Almost isn’t good enough for me ~ let me know it isn’t good enough for you either by doing something different right now.

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